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Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service Since 1951

Beaverdam, Virginia

General Information About Ruritan

Ruritan is a non-profit service organization with the purpose of creating a better understanding between people and, through volunteer community service, making America's communities a better place to live and work.

The slogan of Ruritan is Fellowship, Goodwill, and Community Service. Each Ruritan Club surveys the needs of its community and then works to meet those needs. Ruritans believe in the basic value of neighbors helping neighbors.

Ruritan Clubs provide a wide range of community services, including: flood relief and disaster assistance, food drives, environmental projects, and scholarships to deserving students. Most Ruritan Clubs also support local youth organizations such as 4-H, FFA, Little League, scouts, and others.

Objectives of Ruritan:

For additional information on the national Ruritan organization, click here.

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